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We operate 25 bakeries in 11 countries, serving our snacks in over 180 countries to an estimated 4 billion consumers.

Operating as five regions, our head office is located in:

Building 3, Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road
London, W4 5YA
United Kingdom

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You can reach us on +44 (0)20 8234 5000.

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Where can I buy pladis products?

Our brands are available almost everywhere, from wholesale stores to smaller local stores. If for some reason you can’t find them, please let us know.

How should I store your products?

The general rule for all of our products is to store them in a cool, dry place, particularly so for chocolate products. We would strongly recommend storing our products away from strong flavours or materials such as washing powders or other cleaning materials, which may taint the product and result in poor taste or quality.

I have a query on the product I have bought - where can I find out more?

You can contact our Consumer Services team using the contact details on the packaging for your product. Alternatively, you can find contact details and a ‘Get in touch’ form on the Contact page of this website.

If you are for any reason dissatisfied with any of our products, please contact us to inform us so that we can look into it and where necessary take any actions needed.

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