pladis’ 16,000 colleagues come together to give back to their communities

18 November 2021, London, UK: Every year, on the third Thursday of November, pladis celebrates Make Happy, Be Happy Day. It’s a powerful belief that began with our founder, Sabri Ülker: that every child deserves happiness. Over the years this belief has endured and evolved. We are now active in community projects all around the world, making a difference to those who need a helping hand.

On Make Happy, Be Happy Day pladis colleagues from Delhi to New York, from Istanbul to Lagos, from every part of our global business, give back to their communities. Whether it’s donations of children’s clothes and toys, fundraisers for local homeless shelters, donations to food banks or countless other activities. Every member of the Yildiz family joins in to create little moments of happiness that bring huge amounts of joy.

This year we are dedicating ‘Make Happy, Be Happy’ Day to children.

Our employees from all around the world will be spreading happiness together far and wide, donating toys and books or raising money for local charities.

Salman Amin, pladis CEO said: “The greatest gift we have is the ability to make people happy and Make Happy Be Happy is our internal movement aimed at doing just that. It honours our late founder Sabri Ülker’s belief that no matter where in the world people live, they have the right to a happy childhood.”

“Make Happy, Be Happy encourages us to remember our past but also to look to the future. We have been working to spread happiness for centuries and together we have made a promise to continue doing this for all our customers, colleagues and partners.”

Find out what Make Happy, Be Happy Day means to us.

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